Product Range

Alkyd Resin – Long oil

Alkyd Resin – Medium oil

Alkyd Resin – Short oil

Styranated Alkyd

NIR has been procuring its Raw Materials from approved suppliers in compliance with the QSM ISO 9001: 2000, being company certified for following this international standard from Beareu Veritas and every in-coming supply is tested for quality in compliance. All finished products are also tested before a batch is released for sale.

Our staff is trained to provide technical support to our customers. NIR believes in ensuring that it is compliant with all the industry standards to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services We guide in the best use of our products and support with any analytical needs. Expert advice can be provided in formulation development and is complimented by plant trials.

Our lab is equipped with a pilot plant that helps us to develop products meeting customer’s specifications. We have been manufacturing quality industrial resins. Latest state of the art technology is used in the manufacturing processes. The automation of the plant allows for a central control of operations, assuring a consistency in the quality of the products manufactured.

We deal with three major types of resin material. Our aim has been to ensure that we maintain the premium quality. Our clients are satisfied with the reliability we offer in such a competitive market. We value the International standards for compliance in the chemical industry since they aim to protect the quality and integrity of the products

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